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Products for Synthetic DNA Purification 

CGeneTech, Inc.,  collaborated with Michigan Technological University to conduct research and development (R&D) work on Non-Chromatographic Technique for Synthetic DNA Purification. Currently synthetic DNA are mostly purified with chromatography. The techniques are expensive or impossible to scale up, and unsuitable for parallel purification of multiple different samples. Our new technology will change this circumstance. Our new technology is based on the catching by polymerization concept for the purification of synthetic DNA. The method works by selectively tagging a polymerizable group to the DNA product, polymerizing it into an insoluble polymer, washing away all impurities and then cleave the product from polymer. Because the principle on which the product is separated from impurities is drastically different from thst of chromatography methods, the new techniques has many advantages, which included no need of expensive instruments, simple to use, low waste to product ratio and suitable for purification of long sequences. More importantly, the new techniques is readily scalable for large-scale purification, and can be easily adopted for parallel purification. Several areas that require synthetic DNA will benefit from our new technology. There is a high interest in using DNA as therapeutics. This requires large scale purification. The new technology is expected to bring down the cost drastically. The new technology can be readily extended to purify other biooligomers including peptides and oligosaccharides. The extension will have a high impact in areas such as biomedical research. 

The following synthetic DNA purification kits products will be provided to the research labs, bio-tech companies, custom synthesis companies that routinely make synthetic DNA for research and pharmaceutical companies.  

Our ODNs purification Kits product contain two parts, each kit contain easy to use protocols with no need of expensive instruments such as an HPLC:

*ODN catching failure sequences

*ODN catching full length sequences: 

with PdA, With PdC, With PdG, with PdT, with PPA.

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