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Build blocks for drug discovery

Scientists at CGeneTech are dedicated to designing and synthesizing unique, novel scaffolds and building blocks to answer the increasing demand for new, drug-like molecules for use in early discovery screening.

1)     Advanced medicinal building blocks (3,100+)

Building block design philosophy

a. Focus on biologically-biased drug-like scaffolds:  multifunctional building blocks used in diverse and target-oriented synthesis; these compounds provide researchers in drug discovery a rapid and reliable access to target molecules.

b. Lead-like physico-chemical properties:

logP, solubility, molecular weight, and other descriptors

c. Structure based templates for certain therapeutic areas

d. Diversity of functional groups for possible modification

e. Feasible and trusted synthetic route, mg to Kg scale

Even though our collection of building blocks include a multitude of functionalities, CGeneTech, Inc. initiated a new value-added program for clients requiring novel building block synthesis services.  This platform facilitates the combination of fresh ideas from drug discovery scientist and the synthetic skills from our scientist to greatly accelerate the drug discovery process.

2)     Drug-Like Library

Ready for early discovery screening

12,600 molecules in-stock

– Sorted by scaffolds

– Ready for screening

– Mg to gram scale


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