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Founded in 2005, our headquarters is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are in development to manufacture and sell synthetic DNA  purification kits used for research and medicinal purposes.


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In 2017, we obtained the NSF Competitive Grant for our new OGN purification technique (Catching by Polymerization concept). We’re still in development and look to bring it onto the market as soon as possible. We would focus on this new technology and the potential it brings to enable quick, efficient, and efficient research. With a cost benefiting product we hope to aid you and your lab or your company in your research studies.

The another mission at CGeneTech is to increase the productivity of our pharmaceutical and biotech clients by providing them catalog products and custom synthesis services.

CGeneTech has built long-term trust-based research collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and universities worldwide.

CGeneTech, together with offshore sites provide a comprehensive portfolio of efficient and cost-effective chemistry solutions for all stages of small molecule drug discovery; from initial hit generation, to hit-to-lead, to lead optimization, pre-clinical candidate identification, process research and scale-up.